Purely in the pipe.

Allwatec specializes in the development of water supply processes, manufacturing purification elements, pressure pipe cleaning, pressure testing, disinfection, network maintenance planning, and drafting contracts related to water supply. We also provide services for locating pipe leaks and pressure conduits. Additionally, we offer training in the field, optimization of various water processes, and the development of quality systems and personnel management

Water purified through the process.

Services for water treatment.

Introducing our innovative method: biological removal of iron and humus through filtration. We offer various services for developing and piloting clean water processes.

Pure water directly from the pipe.

Water Infrastructure Solutions

We manufacture cleaning elements for pressure pipes and provide cleaning, locating, and disinfection services related to water supply networks

Pure water within your property.

Legionella removal from water pipes.

Legionella removal from the property's systems. Services for one-time disinfection as well as continuous solutions.

Professional services

Training and consulting.

Practical training on cleaning, locating, and disinfection, as well as comprehensive expertise in water supply at your disposal.

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