Biological removal of iron and humus.

Allwatec's developed efficient method for biological removal of iron and humus.

The method developed by Allwatec focuses on biological removal of iron and humus. Iron removal consumes alkalinity, so the incoming water's pH is adjusted to the appropriate level based on iron content and humus.

Key features of the developed method include:

  1. Lowered pH through acid dosing to prevent chemical oxidation of iron and enable humus removal.
  2. No need for coagulants (such as polyaluminum chloride, ferric sulfate, etc.).
  3. No need for oxidants (e.g., potassium permanganate, sodium hypochlorite).
  4. Environmentally friendly process.
  5. Minimal flushing water volume.
  6. Easily fully automated process requiring minimal manual labor.
  7. Significant reduction in investment costs.
  8. Substantial decrease in operating costs.