Purely in the pipe since 1994.

Allwatec Oy was founded in 1994 in Liminka. Today, we are located in Kanta-Häme, Hämeenlinna, and serve customers nationwide in Finland.

We offer sustainable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions tailored to customer preferences and needs. We also develop innovative new solutions for water supply.

In addition to the owner, the company employs professionals and experts on a project-specific basis according to customer requirements. We have established a strong business and personnel network to provide high-quality services to our customers.

Our company has extensive experience in the water supply industry spanning approximately 40 years.

Our sales network covers the whole of Finland.

Our experts

Timo Tolonen

Administration, water treatment, and networks

p. +358 40 583 1000


Jan Stenman

Sales, inquiries, and training requests

p. +358 44 972 0901


Jorma Pääkkönen

Water treatment and networks

p. +358 400 609 469


Antti Hauhia

Cleaning and disinfection of water pipelines

p. +358 40 836 0185


Marja Tolonen

Manufacturing and storage of elements

p. +358 40 567 5885


Sakari Hyytiä

Contract matters

p. +358 400 333 000